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Failing the Virginia Motorcycle Road Skills Test

New Law Regarding Failing Your Motorcycle Test in VA

There is a new "Two Strikes, You're Out" rule now in effect in Virginia. If you fail your motorcycle road test twice, you are required to take a motorcycle safety course before you get your full riders permit. According to Virginia DMV:

"It's important that you are fully prepared to take your motorcycle skills test when you visit DMV. Effective July 1, 2007, Virginia law requires anyone who fails the DMV motorcycle skills test twice to successfully complete a Virginia-licensed motorcycle rider training course prior to obtaining a motorcycle license."

Also note that after July 1, 2007, completion of a Virginia-licensed motorcycle rider training course is only good for one year:

"If you provide DMV with a Virginia Rider Training Program certificate of completion issued before July 1, 2007 you are exempt from taking the motorcycle road skills test for a period of two years from course completion. Completion certificates issued after July 1, 2007 exempt you from taking the motorcycle knowledge exam and road skills test for a period of one year from course completion."

So be sure to study up. Be sure to read my talk-through of the test and watch the videos of the motorcycle test. And be sure to read about my experiences with the skills test at VA DMV.

As always, I highly recommend taking an approved safety class, but I provide this information for those who want to get on the road as soon as possible. Even after you get your motorcycle endorsement, I suggest that you take the course.

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